GTA Vice City Mod Apk Download For Android

GTA is one of the most played games since the last decade. Over the years, this game has drawn over millions of people and fans are crazy about this gameplay. Most people want to relive the nostalgia and that is why people want to play it on their Android phones. That is why an Apk version was much required. GTA Vice City Apk will take you to the nostalgic alleys of the 1980s and people loves this. This game has earned huge popularity amongst its consumers.

Download GTA Vice City Apk

About This Game

Welcome to the 1980s. From the era of big hair and pastel suits, here comes a man’s story to become the top of a criminal pile from being just another prison fugitive. In the background of the most varied, complete, and alive digital cities, from beaches to the glitz of ghettos, the story takes place.

You enter the game as the main character named Tommy Versetti, who is very recently released from prison. Though he was arrested he has never forgotten his criminal instinct. Tommy decided that he will regain his reign. To start with the smallest steps, he decided to rob a bank as the announcement of his coming back to the city.

However, eventually, he goes bigger and robs a huge amount of money. But, unfortunately, he never succeeded to hide the money and that puts him in a trouble big time. Also, he has made several debts to the criminal mafias. Now, his friends and relatives were also involved in this matter and the situation started to become horrific. Tommy did not want to involve his friends & relatives in the matter and decided to leave everything. Tommy needs to return all the money to the place they originally belong to. Also, he needs to clear all the debts to the criminal mafias. Will he be able to do this? Well, this is where the gameplay starts. The city is a perfect set-up for the open-world gameplay. The big city has features worth exciting.

The beaches, urban zones, swamps, multiple bridges, seawards make it a perfect place to set-up an adventure. Well, it will be exciting. There will be a showdown of purchases, robberies, and fights when you play this game. The big question of returning the debts and settling the score equal is depended on the completion of the missions by you. But the main attraction of this game is that the players can continue to play the game without a target of completing any mission. Some multiple small games and missions make this game GTA Vice City one of the most exciting games to play on Android mobiles. So, what are you waiting for? Just download and experience the thrills as Tommy settles the score even.

Features of GTA Vice City:

Well, talking about the features of this game, we can say that, the list is merely endless. there are numerous numbers of features that make this game exciting and thrilling than ever before. However, we are shortlisting some of the features and going to elaborate on them to a bit extent.

Graphics Quality

There is nothing much to say about the graphics as it is beyond amazing. The graphics of this game has lured many people to play this game on their mobile device. The character presentation is cool and the lighting effects are just the cherry on the cake. You will not experience a major difference in graphics from the PC version if you run it on a compatible & quality mobile device.

Control Your Target

Ah, you might get bored if you can not buy some lethal weapon and start firing them. Don’t worry, the developers have introduced a lot of weapons in this game. You can control them easily. And targeting something or someone is flawlessly tailored. You won’t find it difficult to aim at something and shoot. Also, you don’t need to worry about recoiling your guns as guns don’t recoil in GTA Vice City.

Controlling Your Desire

Well, it is upon the gamers, that how will they like to play the game. Some of the gamers like to use both thumbs. Some of them want to put their index fingers to work. Never worry, GTA Vice City allows you to customize your controls. You can set-up the control layout as you need.

Lots of Entertaining Missions

While you are playing GTA Vice City, you will find numerous play missions. Completing those missions will carry forward your game. It is an open-world game and there will be easy, medium & tough missions that help you to reach the destiny. Also, each mission will unlock new characters and provide new features to the game. Gameplay will never be much boring for you.

Wireless Compatibility

This game is compatible with the wireless console yours. Though the online controllers are pretty responsive as they have tactile effects, you can try attaching some wireless controllers to it if you require. However, this game supports a MoGa controller so you can easily set-up a controller. Also, this game supports multiple languages, so, that won’t be a barrier soon. These are some of the features. There are numerous features in GTA Vice City. You will experience them as the game progresses.

Minimum Requirements

Most games require some specific requirements to run on your device. GTA Vice City is no different. You must need a compatible device to install and run this game. You need to check your device if it is compatible before opting to install it.

  • This game requires Android 4.0 or higher version to run.
  • There should be 1.5 GB of free space on your device.
  • You will require 1 CB RAM to support this game.

Here is GTA Vice City in a nutshell.

APK Name GTA Vice City Apk
Latest Update 10-02-2019
Version 1.09
Android Version requirement Android 4.0 or higher
App Size 7.60MB
Developers Rockstar Games

How to Install It on Your Android

Following these simple steps, you can install this game on your Android.

  1. First, go to System Settings > Security
  2. Turn on the permission for install from third-party software
  3. Download the Apk from the given link
  4. Click on the Apk to install. Don’t open it after install.
  5. Go to the download folder again. There will be a zip file. Extract it into /sdcard/Android/obb/.
  6. Make sure there remain a folder named com.rockstargames.gtavc.
  7. Restart after installing & enjoy.

Paint the City Red

If you are fond of strategy games, then GTA Vice City Apk is just your thing. This game is thrilling and entertaining such that you will fall for it. So, hurry! Download the game now!…

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How to use Manual Can Opener

Can openers be one of the most necessary equipments in a kitchen? They are easy to use and helpful while opening a can with a sturdy seal. There are two kinds of can opener, such as manual and electronic.

The primary difference between manual and electronic can opener is that one works with electricity or batteries, and you don’t need to do anything with it. Manual can openers are somehow hard to use and can be a little bit messy and forceful. Manual can openers are way cheaper as compared to electronic can openers.

So here are the steps of how to use a manual can opener easily.

Firstly you need to open the can opener’s arms and put it on the can with a proper grip.

The grip is one of the most important things while using a can opener as it is what cuts out the can. After putting the holder and the grip, you need to tighten it up.

Now you need to put the sharp blade on edge properly for cutting. Make sure that the blade is adjoining to the side of the cans because it is a dangerous step. Various kinds of materials used in a can, such as plastic or even steel and manual can openers, are somehow challenging to cut through steel because of their sharp surface.

After setting it on the can grip, you need to close the bars and press the roller. After pressing the roller, you need to slide down in a circular pathway.

After circulating it throughout, you need to twist the can in a way that it opens up. It is also one of the most dangerous steps because the remaining part can be sharp and harm your hand.

After cutting the upper portion, you need to lift the lid off and detached from the can.

Some affordable manual can openers.



Kitchenaid is a brand-related with kitchen appliances and instruments. They have a name in the market for their design and approach towards their functionality.

Kitchenaid comes with a stainless steel finish, which makes it durable. It also comes with rubber on the top. The handles on it have a circular design pattern with a rubber texture. It has a unique design, which makes it easier to use on any size of the can.

It also comes with a knob, which makes it easier to settle it on the can. It also comes with an integrated bottle opener, which can help you to open Steelcase bottles. It is one of the best can openers on this list because of its unique design. It is durable because of its high-quality materials. Kitchenaid also provides us with a 1-year hassle-free replacement.

Overall this is a good purchase at $12. It has various other designs and colors to it and comes in different sizes as well.


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Complete Guide to Cleaning the Bedroom

If you are a homeowner, then there would be a lot of things that you may think of. If you are ready to deep clean the bedroom, then there would be many better options that you can think of. Here are some of how you can clean the bedroom pretty well.

Here are some of the best ways that will help in cleaning your bedroom pretty well

  • You must first see which places are not entirely clean in your bedroom. Now, you must decide about the chores and divide the same among the family members.
  • The next thing that you must do is find out which items are brittle. If you can remove them from the bedroom, then you will be able to do the cleaning properly and thoroughly. Make sure you buy bestsheet to prevent bed sores.
  • You must first remove the bedroom liners and cushion overs. These things should be washed thoroughly and then dried.
  • You should then remove all the items and fixtures that you can and those that are portable. Now, remove dust from all the areas. You can use the vacuum cleaner, and that will help you in getting the best solutions.
  • You should clean all the surfaces and remove dust. If you have extra time, then you must also clean all the drawers from inside.
  • Now, you must wipe the surface or the ground nicely.

With all these things you will be able to have a lovely clean bedroom.

You should use safe cleaning materials.

When you are cleaning the bedroom with the cleaning materials and solutions, you will have to keep in mind a few things, and these include safety things. If you are using the safe and best quality cleaning solutions, then there will be no issues at all. You must clean the carpet and the mats too. If you need, you can hire a carpet cleaner or room cleaner for these things.

But if you have time during the weekend, then you can enjoy cleaning with your family.

Clean nooks and corners

It will give you the best options. So, be sure that you know how you can take things to the next level. Just stay sure that how you can keep the essential items in the notice. A clean bedroom can be an excellent place to spend time. You will be able to stay at peace, and that will help you in feeling great.

You should try your best to clean the bedroom entirely. If you need help, then you must ask your family members to help you. It will provide you with the best options, and that should give you the right way to grow. A good and clean bedroom can be a beautiful thing for you. So try your best to keep your room clean in every possible way.


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How to Check If Someone is Stealing your WiFi

The slowdown in the WiFi connection is not always the issue with your Internet Service provider. Even when you are getting good speed, suddenly something happens, and you start to experience slow internet speed. That’s very common for many people as this might be the case of someone stealing your WiFi. Millions of people experience a sudden slowdown in the WiFi speed as something starts leeching the internet.

Most of the time, the background services on the computer consume a lot of Internet bandwidth, slowing down the internet. In Windows and the macOS, the background services like the updates, data transfer, and even the malware consume a lot of Internet bandwidth. Not just that, the leechers, or the people who have your WiFi password will consume a lot of internet behind your backs, causing you to lose the internet speed. If you are plagued by such issues, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to share detailed information on the ways you can check if someone is stealing your WiFi. By following the mentioned methods, you’ll be able to understand who is stealing your WiFi and fix the internet speed issues.

Knowing Who’s Stealing My WiFi

To understand who is stealing your WiFi, you should check the number of connected devices to the Router. Every router keeps track of the Mac address of the connected devices along with the name. In this first method, we will check if unknown devices are connected to your WiFi router and steal the internet behind your back.

Method #1 – Check Router Dashboard

Checking the Router dashboard will help you get an idea of the connected devices. Here are the exact steps to check if there are any third-party and unauthorized devices connected to your WiFi network.

  1. First of all, open the Browser and open the Router Dashboard Login link. Usually, the default Login Address is “ “ or any other variation. You can find the login address on the backside of the router.
  2. Now, enter the username and password combination to log in to the Dashboard. Just like the Router Dashboard Address, the password is written on the backside.
  3. It’s time to search for the “Connected Devices” list. Every router has a bit of a different Dashboard look. So, you have to find your way to the list.
  4. In the list of the Connected devices, you’ll see all of the devices with the name and MAC address. Find out the Unauthorized device, and Block the MAC address.
  5. Also, you can change the Router password for increased safety. In this way, you can restrict the Unauthorized users who have hacked or gained the password of your WiFi network from accessing the internet.
  6. After doing that, run the Internet Speed Test to see if the Internet Speed has restored to normal or not.

#2 – Use WiFi Monitoring Software Programs

There are a lot of useful WiFi Monitoring Software programs in India, which work perfectly fine for monitoring WiFi usage. The software programs like GlassWire monitor the WiFi network and show detailed statistics. With the inbuilt features, you can easily identify the unauthorized user and block the user.

Not just the connected devices, but such software programs can easily identify the Background services consuming the Internet Bandwidth. With such programs, you can easily control your WiFi network and prevent any issues like Someone Stealing your WiFi.

You can also use modern advanced multi-purpose routers aka extenders aka boosters like RangeXTD device, as they have WiFi monitoring software built in.

How to Prevent People from Stealing Your WiFi?

With smartphone apps and hacking tools, anyone can hack into the WiFi network with ease. That’s why you should take strict actions and increase the security to prevent such people from stealing your WiFi and Internet bandwidth. Here are the common ways you can do the same.

#1 – Use Strong Passwords

Using the default passwords is the biggest mistake many people make. With the simple to guess passwords, people become vulnerable to such issues. That’s why it’s essential to use strong passwords. Better to use strong passphrases, which only you can guess. Also, you can use the Strong password suggestion tools. Just make sure to use the Uppercase letters, Numbers, and Symbols in the password to make it stronger.

#2 – Turn OFF WPS Feature

WPS, or the WiFi Protected Setup, is a convenient feature, which allows the users to connect to the network even when the Encryption is ON. Many of the third-party WiFi hacking apps use this feature to infiltrate into the nearby network. If you turn ON this feature, then your WiFi router is vulnerable to such attacks and the leeching. That’s why you should turn OFF the WPS feature to stay on the safer side.

You can turn OFF the WPS from the router dashboard. Every router has a different user interface, but it usually lies in the “Wireless Setting” page of the router dashboard.

Final Words

We’ve been plagued by the WiFi Stealing issue multiple times. Due to the close vicinity of the WiFi networks and the availability of hacking apps, many people can easily infiltrate the WiFi network and steal the internet. Well, not just the people, but the Windows and macOS background services can consume a lot of data in the background, which causes a severe Internet speed decrease. We can easily kill the background services through the Task Manager, but finding and blocking the people is a challenging task.

In this post, we’ve shared multiple methods to fix this issue and prevent people from stealing your internet through Wireless Network. I hope you’ve learned how to check if someone is stealing my WiFi. Now, all you have to do is to follow the mentioned methods and get rid of the leechers and enjoy the high-speed internet without any interruptions.…

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Anatomy of a 3D Printer: How Does a 3D Printer Work?

3D printers have gained popularity due to their functionality of printing 3D elements. They are costly, but the work is efficient. A 3D printer has a various electronic and mechanical portion that comprises and makes a 3D printer. It comes in with different elements, but one of the most important ones is fused filament fabrication and fused deposition modelling, a technical term for the whole mechanism.

Now the mechanical components include a print bed.

The print bed is a surface available on a 3D printer that allows you to consist of various objects and your design elements. This print bad has a different kind of stuff that contains heat and bears the heat. Then the 3D printer includes two types of beds. Non-heated and heated beds have other mechanisms and pricing as well, and the surface is made from various ranges of elements and components. You can also check best duplex printers.

You should also know about bed surfaces. These surfaces are specially built for 3D printers that contain PEI film and can resist all heat and friction elements.

The next thing that a 3D printer includes is a bed leveling machine. This machine makes sure that your 3D printer has a level surface and doesn’t get any even printed material. This leveling machine is needed for maintaining the proper proportions of your required product. The next thing in a 3D printer is its filament, which is a required part of a printer because it connects all the electronic items.

This filament has different sizes, and 3D printers are used for kinds of measures, which include 1.75 mm and 3mm. The next thing in a 3D printer is a Hobbed Gear, a machine that enables the ray to print the whole structure. There are different kinds of gears available according to your machine model and its requirements. The next thing is a heater cartridge, which enables the plastic to heat, and it produces high energy and heat. The device also contains a thermostat and RTD sensor, which determines the temperature.

It also has a nozzle, which is a small piece of an element that helps us replace the clogging, which is common when we see a 3D printer. The next thing is a layer cooling fan, which is one of the most important things because if this doesn’t work, then your 3D printer will stay hot for an extended amount of time. If your 3d printer remains hot for a vast amount of time, it might ruin its quality, and it might cost you a lot.

We also have a stepper motor, a group of engines that have a DC mechanism in them, and there are 200 increments and steps that these motors take. You also have a frame and enclosure that is used for safety. The structure is used to hold everything together. These were some elements of a 3D printer.

A 3D printer contains all these elements and then works efficiently by connecting it with your required software and giving it the usual commands. It will automatically be built the whole structure.


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How to Hide an Air Conditioner Unit

Air condition vents are called ugly in architectural terms because they ruin your whole facade and elevation views. There are various ways one can hide their conditioner unit.

Here are some of the ways where you can hide your air conditioner unit easily.

The one that is used more often is by putting it inside a garden structure. A garden structure can help you store your air conditioner unit easily. People have installed various kinds of designs in their gardens using this technique. You can also use planters and make a DIY planter for your air conditioner unit. These are the two landscaping options that you can use for your open-air conditioner unit that makes an ugly impact on your facade and architectural elevation. Buy best ac under 15000 for your home.

There is one other way by which you can hide your air conditioner unit using landscaping techniques. You can install the Lattice vine wall over your air conditioner unit, which profoundly impacts the environment because of the growing plant and creates an aesthetic view. These are some of the easiest ways by which you can hide your air conditioner unit if they are present on the outer garden area or are present on the exterior facade.

There are various other ways by using wood panels and pallet screens, which are easier to build, and they are cheaper than others on this list. You can take wooden panels and stick them inside the ground and paint them according to your surroundings, which creates are inexpensive facade that can help you hide your air conditioner unit.

Now you can also use a wall-mounted cabinet, which is the practical way to hide your air conditioner unit and create use of that area as well. These wall mount cabinets are safe to build, and they have various facilities that you can also install in them.

You can also use an iron crate and various wooden panels as well on your interior facade unit. Many people also use a shutter box, one of the most used ways to hide any electrical supplier or your AC unit. You can also make an attractive wall panel, which is easier to build. These wall panels have variety in them and can be created using wood, timber, or steel. You can also color them by your need and use a color palette according to your interior design.

You can also use various interior elements such as your shutter cover, which is mostly used in Greece to cover their air conditioner unit. You can also use your custom wall art to hide your air conditioner unit, which creates a sense of peace among all interior design and is also used for multi-purpose tasks. Various interior designers use interior decorative metal panels, a more comfortable and aesthetic way to cover your air conditioner.

These were the most used and innovative ways to hide your air conditioner unit. You can also make some of them on your own using household elements.


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5 Very Effective tips to Reduce Dust at Home

You must have witnessed those people who have a deep feeling for cleanliness. They are the ones who want everything around them clean. The bed, on which they sleep, the plates in which they eat, their cupboard, clothes and even the floor on which they walk. Well, having love towards cleanliness is not a bad habit in anyway. In fact it is a very good thing which may help you in numerous ways which you are not even aware of.

Finding dust in your home or workstation is not any fun or hard thing. You can find these micro-particles lurking around anywhere and everywhere. You may not believe but these dust particles you avoid cleaning can be reasons of major health problems. Yes I am true!


The most annoying fact is that even though you clean the dust particles, it keeps coming back. Dust particles are mainly composed of dead skin cells, plant pollen and the chemically harmful fiber particles of your clothes, clothes and all those stuffs. These particles can be a major reason for causing asthma and various allergic reactions.


It cannot be denied that we cannot completely get rid of the dust particles, but we can maintain a safe distance from these. Installing an air purifier can be an effective solution in removing dust particles but there is no harm in having some knowledge about the origin of dust particles and how they can be prevented from creating diseases.

Dangerous Consequences of dust Particles

The dust particles may not seen with clear eye and may seem harmless at first sight, but the fact is that these are harmful for the respiratory system and lungs of human body, as they cause asthma and various inter-body allergies. Some harmful consequences of dust particles are –

The basic harm caused by the dust particles are asthma and allergies. The intensity of the allergies depends upon the amount of dust inhaled. If these are inhaled deeply, the harm can be chronic. Another factor is the length of exposure to the dust particles. But the main factor to be noticed is the pathway of inhalation. If the dusty air is inhaled by nose, it will start its effect from the nose to the lungs and if it is done by mouth, then your food pipe along with the respiration pipe is in danger.


Coming to the chronic disease caused by the dust particles, it is called the dusty lung or pneumoconiosis. This is mainly caused in farmers or the workers who work in areas having dry soil. The result of this may be the production of scar tissue inside the body and for more danger; these particles may dissolve in the bloodstream causing toxicity which can spread in the key parts of the body such as kidney and brain.

So how can you reduce the damage that can be caused by the dust particles? Here are five ways in which you can maintain a safe distance from the dusty allergies –

Clean Your Bed and Cupboard once in Three Days


The first step starts from the place where you start and end your day, i.e. your bed. The unfavorable dust mites like to produce families in the bed sheets, pillows and mattresses you use daily. So be aware to keep these things tidy and clean so as not to make a place for these mites to dwell. You can also go for allergen-proof covers for pillows and mattresses which will very well protect the items.

Your cupboard is the best place for dust to settle down. The fiber particles shredded by your clothes and socks can make you sneeze in a blast of dust bomb when you open your closet. So, you need to clean these places once a week. For best results, you can store your clothes in plastic bags or boxes.

Use Fabric Softeners

Electronic items like TVs, computers and refrigerators and wooden and glass items are one of the biggest places where dust accumulates. TVs and computers are positively charge items and these attract the negatively charged dust particles to settle down on them. Using dryer softened sheets and covers can help in reducing the static cling and the magnetic attraction. Liquid fabric softeners can also be a great option if you are not in for the dryer covers. Use the fabric cleaner for cleaning the wooden and glass doors and tables.

Banish Shoes and Clean the Dirt at Door


Studies and researches show that 70% of the dust particles found inside the houses come from outside. Whenever we go out of the house, our feet come in contact with the animal dander, plant pollen etc. which are the main components of dust particles. So these stick to our shoes or our feet and enter our house. So policy number one will be keeping doormats on the front door. Teach your family members to clean their feet before entering the house. Advise your guests the same. And keep the shoes outside your house.

Install Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are an effective method to keep dust particles out of your house. Air purifiers are designed to clean the dust particles out of the room automatically. The sensors present inside the machines automatically sense the presence of dust inside the rooms and clean the air.

Avoid Carpeting


The carpeted floors may seem to be gorgeous and may give your house a premium look, but the fact can’t be denied that these mats are the hotspot of dust particles. You mostly rub your dusted feet on these carpets and the spaces in these carpets accumulate the particles. So, these carpets must be cleaned regularly. If these are small in size, then these should be dusted well outside the house so as to prevent the particles from depositing inside the house.

And if the carpets are bigger in size, then vacuum cleaners with double layered micro-filter bags must be preferred. These double layered bags prevent dust particles from escaping and do not let them deposit on the floors.…

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Top 4 Remote Controlled Butt Plugs Perfect for Long Distance Couples

Relationship is something which makes us aware of the proximities of life. Relationships make us known to our responsibilities and values. The more we value a relation, the more we get close to it and fell about it.

Such is a relation named Love. I do not think there is anyone of you who does not know what love is! You may not have it, but you know about it, right? Love is a mutual understanding between two opposite sexes which binds them in a single bond and makes them feel for each other. And whenever we talk about love, we should know about its complications as well. Not all people living close to each other can love. Even two humans living far apart can have this mutual understanding in them.


This is called as Long Distance Relationship, where two lovers live far from each other’s reach. The biggest problem in the long distance relationship is that the two mates never get the time to spend with each other. And this also includes the quality time, i.e. sexual intercourse. This makes them frustrated.

But with the advancement of technology, solutions have come up for these people. And the biggest solution is Butt Plug, which is technically called Teledildonic.

Here are some butt plugs really worth buying for those who are in long distant relationships –

Max2 and Nora by Lovense


Have you ever seen those Sci-Fi films where people contact with each other through real time holograms? Well, these are no more virtual things. Lovense is one of the best companies when it comes to sex toys for long distance couples, and the recent launch is the Max 2 and Nora.

What is special in them? The Max (for him) and Nora (for her) have been designed after several years of research and tests. These are two remotely controlled toys which are ably controlled through smart phone or computer app called “Lovense Remote”.

These are the physical form of video calls or Skype chats. These get paired you’re your smart phone or computer once you connect them, and only thing you need to get started is an active internet connection. If you have done all these, then be ready for a smooth session!

These have very quick response timing and the moves and audios can be recorded and played anytime (for those who can’t connect most often!). The application allows you to control your own toy or your partner’s toy via your smart phone or computer as well!

Kiiroo Onyx 2 and Pearl 2


Kiiroo is another awesome choice if you are not going in for Lovense because of its price. In fact, this company surpasses Lovense in the design and the fineness they provide in their teledildonic products.

Similar to the Lovense toys, the Kiiroo toys are connected through an application named FeelConnect, via Bluetooth and have the ability to mimic the intercourse of the users in real time.

The Kiiroo products have the special ability to give the users the real feeling they want. These are designed over years to lessen the gap between two lovers as they have the software to exchange the touch and feel however far the users are. These differ from the Lovense toys in their ability of touch response.

To describe clearly, when the Pearl 2 (for female) is inserted, it signals the touch sensors for movement in the Onyx 2 (for male) which gives the feel of sex in real time. Is not it great? You can feel the intimate touch of your partner any time at anyplace!

Lush 2 by Lovense


Presenting before you Lovense’s one of the most successful creation, which collected over 100,000$, the Lush 2. Where the Lush was not that successful in impressing couples, its second version was mega-successful! Not to forget the Lush 2 is a vibrator!

It is a powerful and impressive vibrator connected by Bluetooth and can be controlled by either your partner or by you (if you really want!) through the Lovense app in your smart phone or computer. All you need is an internet connection and some feelings!

What makes the Lush 2 different and better from others is its smart design and powerful vibrations. The specialty of this vibrator is that it has a curve that will directly hit your feel spot and will generate powerful vibrations to take you to the cloud nine!

It is wireless, small, silent and the most entertaining fact is that the vibrations can be synchronized with the music you love to play! Depending on the vibrations of the music, the stimulated vibrations will generate in several synchronized patterns, and all these features make it an ideal companion for all ladies in Long Distance Relations!



We have talked a lot about hi-tech sex toys, and much about Lovense. So now let us come on something different. Here the different is Vibease, a vibrator for women.

It connects to the iOS or android by Bluetooth and can be controlled by the Vibease app. It is a small egg shaped toy which will satisfy the women but will be controlled by their men! It can work at any distance and any situation but you need to have an internet connection, which may be Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/5G and the app.

And it can also be used when you are alone. You can use the synchronizing beats and vibrations of music and the vibrations will be generated in the rhythm of your favorite song. It can be used hands-free, so you can do multiple jobs like texting or video calling while using it.

Through the Vibease app, you can record your sessions or your partner’s voice and can play them later for more feel! So all you need to do is to wear the vibrator in your undergarments (no need to use your fingers now!), play some music and start playing some music and start the toy! You will feel the real time sex in your sweet spot with an ease!…

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Top 5 Best Micro-current Machines In 2020

To be frank, most of us do not even know what micro-current facial machines are, or do we know? Micro-current facelift machines are the not-so-latest inventions which have been considered one of the best ways to lift your skin and make it glow. The reason why it is not-so-latest is that these machines have been put to used since as old as the 1800s, but were not completely known till the 1900s.

The only reason for their late identification was their price, and yeah you had to go the expensive spa too! These machines were so costly that an average man could not even dream of affording one. But coming to recent times, these have been made very cheap – as low as Rs. 3500 – but are mainly available in spas. These machines are not yet so popular among people and hence it may take some more years to be completely known in households.


So why are these micro-current machines so useful? There are many answers for this question, but the main reasons would be the prominent features it has to offer. It is non-invasive and uses electricity to promote the skin cell growth and glow. It is painless and injection free as well.

So if you are planning to invest some money in these machines, here are five of the best ones which will not disappoint you in case of money or results –

15 Years Proven Med Spa Grade BEAUTY STAR Face Toner


Here is the Beauty Star Face toner which is prepared in Europe and South America and has been impressing since the last 15 years, as claimed by the company.

This machine has two electrodes which work gently and effectively, creating a cycle of gentle but deep penetrating waves of current in your face. This machine has no side effects and does not sting or pinch the skin while using. The two electrodes are gold plated and create a smooth flow of current in the cells. The best part is that you don’t need to charge it; it comes with batteries which give 100 hours of unlimited usage and after that batteries can be replaced.

The company also claims that if you don’t get desired results within one year, they will replace the product or refund your money!

4D Micro-current Rechargeable Facial Massager Roller


If you want some funky looks in your facial machine, then this one is for you. This machine comes with a unique 4D design which also provides three different therapies – phototherapy, micro-current therapy and high frequency vibrations. And you can adjust the vibration speed and mode and the current intensity as per your requirement!

The micro-current therapy comes in five modes, with 125 choices to offer. The gentle current released are effective in reducing fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles and improve the facial tone. The Phototherapy emits blue light of 465 nm wavelength which when act with the porphyrins of the skin cells reduce the amount of acnes to a large amount. It also helps in balancing the oil secretion in the skin. The High Frequency Vibration therapy mainly massages the face and helps in relaxing the face and to an extent reduce wrinkles too.

Multifun 3D Micro-current Facial Roller


The Multifun face roller machine has somewhat the same design as the previous one in the list, but it has a 3D design. It has solar panels which can be used to provide some extra energy. It releases gentle micro-current which helps in increased secretion of ATP in the skin and enhances the facial tone and contour and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Added features include the body and face massager which helps in setting the body skin tone to a great extent. Studies show this massager helps in promoting blood circulation and improves lymphatic drainage too. It has an innovative and unique design which includes the 3D ball Roller. The design makes it compact enough to be carried in the storage bag provided and hence you can lift your skin at anytime and anyplace.

Lemique Face Massager and Galvanic Micro-current Face Lift Machine


This Korean massager cum face lifting machine is specially designed with Korean technology making it an ideal and effective machine for use. The company claims that if it is used for 10 minutes twice in a day for 4-6 weeks, the user will surely feel the difference, and if that does not happen then the money will be refunded.

The machine has special technology which efficiently absorbs the serums, facial creams and lotions and applies them on the skin using the micro-current waves. It also has the Red Light therapy which emits red light of high frequency to cure the skin tone and reduce the wrinkles and puffiness of skin. Included are two more therapies like the basic micro-current therapy and galvanic machine therapy.

The Lemique is small and is the shape of an egg which makes it compact enough to be carried in bag and also comes with a 1-year warranty period.

Feipushi Frcolor Portable Electric Micro-current Machine


It is a very cute looking machine and the specialty of this one is that it does not do the vibration thing. This beauty machine releases gentle and silent micro-current waves which do the multiple function of dirt and oil removal, removal of wrinkles and black heads, reduction of edema of skin and also tighten the skin to bring back its glow.

It is a very small designed device which has a tight grip on your hands and does not fall of during usage. The stipulation is that the procedure mentioned in the manual needs to be done for 15-20 minutes and three times a day, and the result can be seen in 2 months of time. But, there is no such refund here!

It specializes in Electrotherapy which works effectively against acne and wrinkles and since it does not vibrate, it is completely feel-less and painless. Why is in the last? It is only because it is different from the above products and solely does the work of face lifting and nothing extra.…

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Methods to Earn Money Online Just by Typing 2 – 3 Hours a Day

It will not be wrong to say that we all are running after money these days. We have forgotten every other thing just because of our motive to earn money. Whatever may be the reason, but it is a fact that each and every physical thing that we see around us is the gift of money.


It will be wrong to say that we can earn money by doing jobs only. When we have advanced so much in this society, simple notions like these are proved wrong every day. Now-a-days, anybody can have a decent income just by sitting at home as well. Many jobs have been created which give decent money when done sitting at home. Many companies have come up with jobs which hire people and these jobs have been named as Work from Home jobs.

There are many such jobs, like writing, typing, data entry etc. And all these works have one thing in common – they are typing-based. People need to sit in front of their computers or laptops or even smart phones and type words and make a decent income out of it. These are easy and simple jobs.

Here are a few jobs where you can income money by just typing for 2-3 hours a day –

E-Book Writing


We all must be if not big then just fans of reading books. We always have even a small story book besides us when we go to bed, right? And now when we have so much advancement in technology, these paper form books have been made digital, with the name E-Books.

E-Books have been a source of great income for writers. If you have the talent to sum up your basic ideas in form of catchy words, you can be sure to have a nice income. E-Books can be a collection of just daily works, or cooking ideas, or your opinion on any social issue. And boom! You have started your income!

Work from Home Internships


There are many companies which provide jobs, or rather internships to aspiring people who can work from their home. These can be teaching, or article writing, or C++ and Java transcription or Power Point preparation and many more.

All you need are a computer or smart phone with an active internet connection and you are good to go. You have to apply for these internships online and if you are suitable, then they will evaluate you and you can get selected. You need to work as per your stipulation and will get payment as per your choice. The best thing is that these are legit and original, and the payment is safe as well! There are various websites which provide these kinds of internships. These are –

  • Internshala – Internshala is the best application or site which can provide you internships to work from home. You can download the application in your smart phone or computer. Then you can fill up your details and start applying for internships. If you get selected, you can start working and you can choose your own payment method, which are safe and secure.
  • Freelancer – Freelancer is another app which specializes in much stuff, out of which one is writing internships. As similar to Internshala, you need to fill up your details and apply for the internships of your choice. You will be evaluated and if you are found suitable, you will be hired. It also offers various internships based on various talents and activities. But if you ask for my opinion, then you can go for Internshala as it provides far more choices than Freelancer and is easy to operate, and is ad-free!

Online Blogging


Online blogging is a great way of incoming money by sitting at home. Blogging basically means creating a blog or simply an online page where you will note down all your ideas and all the happenings going in your life. Blogs can be created with the ideas you have in your mind about something or by any creative stuff going on in your mind. Blogs can be the description of any trip you have had in recent times, with some pictures included, or can be your suggestions on any matter or any tourist place.

You can also write a blog about the plans you have for your future, or plans that can be suitable for people, or about cooking etc. If you look into it, blogs can be the collection of words about anything. Blogs are exactly E-Books but are published as articles in your logging page. And you can monetize your blogging page. You can income on the basis of the likes and shares you get on your articles. One of such websites for blogging is WordPress.

Answering questions online


It may seem surprising but you can make an income just by answering the questions asked by people on various online websites. There are various companies which hire writers who are capable of answering questions asked by people. These questions can be based on History, Mathematics, Science and all studying subjects, or can be on General Knowledge or can be your opinion on any issue or can also be your suggestions and reviews on any gadget or products.

Questions are asked in some renowned websites like Quora and Pinterest. And you can find such jobs on Internshala or Freelancer.

Blog and Question translation


You can make money by just translating various blogs and question papers too! Surprising right? Do not be. It is because there are various companies which hire professional translators for doing the translation jobs. All you need to do is to sit in front of your computer and translate the given stuff. It can be the translation from any language to any other language.

But be sure to apply for those jobs in which you are aware about the languages. You can apply for these jobs on Internshala, Freelancer, Indeed etc. And you will start incoming money by doing these simple translations!…

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