Let me start by asking you a question. On what basis do you judge the people you see around you? On the basis of their looks? Or is it their behavior? Or is it their way of talking? Let me answer this question for you. To be frank, it is their economical status on the basis of which most people judge each other.

In older days, the society was divides into two communities – The Royal people and the common ones. Yeah, time has changed and this division no more exists. But this has evolved to become the Rich people and the Poor ones. Anyway or the other, people are distinguished by the amount of money they have.


But it will not be false to say that rich people are somewhat smarter than poor ones. Am I right? So, now the question is, how can we think like rich people? You may be poor or rich, but having the mindset like a rich person can make you successful!

Here are five ways on how you can think like a rich person –

Make Yourself Worthy


Most rich people think themselves worthy of being rich. Do not get the idea? Okay. Think of a lower class or middle class person. What is money and luxury for him? Money and luxuries of life are not less than a dream for poor people.

They think that money is their necessity, a necessity which can make their lives easier. Money for them is something which can buy them good food, nice clothing, a warm bed to sleep and all those. But in case of rich people, money is their right. They think that being rich is their right, and they ought to have that.

So think that you are worthy enough to be rich. Have the mindset that being rich is your right and you will surely find yourself fighting for that right of yours.

Dare to Take Risks


It is truly said that rich people have not got all the money overnight. Take the example of Mukesh Ambani of India. He had to go through a lot of problems to become the successful man he is today. To be clear, he had to take risks in his life to achieve the success he has today.

One more such example is Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. When your father was a child, did he know anything about Apple I-Phones? No. Steve Jobs had to take a lot of risks to make Apple a leading technical brand today.

The theme of these examples is that never ever back off while facing a risk. If you want to be successful in life, learn to take risks. It’s true that you will not succeed in everything, but all your failures will motivate you to go farther.

Be Fearless


Being fearless is a trait which I think everyone should have. Not only rich people but poorer ones should be fearless as well.

Coming to this part, we know that almost every person fears and hates the job he/she does. There are a few who love what they do and are passionate about it. But rich people are not the same. It is true that they also have the same fears as the others, but they don’t let this fear take over them. Like others, they also fear the consequences of the work they would do, but they never fear to take risks and hence are successful.

When you are into some new work, having a felling about the result will never help. It will de-motivate you and you will not dare to do it. So never go for consequences and do the work with guts. You may fail several times but finally you will get success. Be fearless and don’t let your fear take over you.

Maintain a Proper Relationship


Talking about relationships, here I am not talking about the relationship you have or want to have with your family and friends. The common mentality of us people is that our competitors are our sole enemies.

Whenever we face any competitor in the field we are working, we try to overcome them and if we are not able to do it, we accept them as our enemies. And this leaves us with no one to rely upon when we are in any difficulty.

Coming to rich people, they too have competitors in their field, may be a lot more than the poor ones. For establishing themselves as prominent ones, they also fight and compete. But the thing they do differently is that when they lose, they do not aim on revenge.

Most of the successful people try to focus on the reasons which failed them and then work on improvement. It is truly said that “Your success in a field doesn’t depend on what you know about it, but how many others you know in it”. It simply means that rich people make their competitors their companions and when they work together become successful.

Invest Wisely


What do you think where do rich people bring so much money from? If you think that they generate immense wealth from just one business, then you are completely wrong.

Do you think Mukesh Ambani has so much economy by just selling Jio SIM cards? No. Rich people have a clear idea about assets and liabilities. Asset is something which makes you profit and a liability degrades your wealth. It’s also extremely important to invest your money wisely & not to fall for any ponzi scheme like Bitcoin Aussie System.

Coming to some common situations, when middle class people get any bonus in their own field of work, they just spend it. They go for new TV sets or refrigerators or car etc. And these are liabilities because these are wastage of money. Imagine your monthly income is Rs.10K and your house rent is Rs.8K, then it is a liability. When rich people get any profit, they use it in buying shares or invest in stock market or invest it in some way which can make them more money. And that is the reason why rich get richer day by day!

So never overspend and try to use even a little amount of money you get in some profitable work.

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