Settled into a crook of the Tennessee River between Chickamauga and Nickajack Lakes, Chattanooga has the natural beauty that has inspired a community to become one of the best mid-sized cities in America and caused Outside Magazine to name it the Best Town In Which To Live in 2011 and again in 2015.

Since before recorded history, people have seen the beauty of Chattanooga and have come to live, work and play here. Living in our city means outdoor views and beauty at every turn, breathtaking vistas, family attractions and fun of all kinds. Surrounded by mountains and waterways, the city has turned itself away from being the “dirtiest city in America” as proclaimed by CBS News in the 1970s to being the “…undiscovered gem of Tennessee” in the words of the New York Times.

From Rock City and Ruby Falls to the spectacular Tennessee Aquarium, our city is filled with playgrounds, outdoor opportunities for fun and unique adventures. Museums like the Hunter Museum of Art, the Creative Discover Museum and the Houston Museum are scattered throughout town. Attractions like the Bluff View Arts District, Chattanooga Zoo, IMAX Theatre, Incline Railway and the world famous Chattanooga Choo Choo join the Tennessee Aquarium in bringing families and individuals to town and make us one of the best family vacation destinations according to Disney Family Travel.

The natural attractions of Chattanooga are plain for everyone to see. Birdwatchers come to town for the huge variety of species spotted each year. Climbers come to T-Wall and are amazed at the Bluffs. Boaters flock to our white-water and still-water playgrounds. Bikers recognize the on and off road courses and routes, and hikers have carved natural trails over hundreds of miles of surrounding majesty. The amazing Tennessee Riverwalk is a 13-mile necklace draped around the neck of the mighty Tennessee River and is the envy of small and large communities throughout the country.

Restaurants, trendy shops, loads of outdoor public art, CARTA’s free electric shuttle downtown, family fun and attractions…all these things and more make Chattanooga the place to vacation or to live. RiverRocks is a great way to experience Chattanooga and all it has to offer. Come for the fun, stay for the beauty, remember the attraction…it’s only natural.

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