Where: Suck Creek Boat Launch

When: Saturday, October 14 at 9:30 a.m.

Cost: Sold Out

The 8th annual Swim the Suck is a grueling 10-mile open water race through the Tennessee River Gorge. It has become an international premiere swimming event, featuring athletes from all over the world. And we need your help to pull it off.

Swim the Suck sold out in the first 20 minutes of registration. But the Chattanooga Open Water Swimmers and Outdoor Chattanooga are looking for kayak pilots to paddle alongside the swimmers. Volunteers get a free shuttle, two free meals, a Chattanooga Brewing Company beer and a t-shirt.

Swim the Suck has 120 swimmers, which means we need 120 kayakers. Click here for more information or to register to pilot.