When: Saturday, October 15   8:00a.m.

Where: Stringer's Ridge

There is no race at RiverRocks like Cannonball. It is possibly the most grueling of all the events. It could end up as an all-day event with the winner being the last person running.

The race begins at 8 a.m., and runners have one hour to complete the four-mile trail loop. If you don’t finish in the hour, you’re eliminated. Simple, right?

Nope. The race resumes at 9 a.m., and the remaining runners race again. The pattern continues over and over throughout the day--and possibly into the night--until the last runner remains.

The race director has the option to reduce the time per loop to as the race drags on. It’s grueling, tiring and only for the strong of heart.

The Cannonball also features a 10K if that’s more your speed.

Find out more information here, or click here to register for a chance to be the last man or woman standing.