How to Hide an Air Conditioner Unit

Air condition vents are called ugly in architectural terms because they ruin your whole facade and elevation views. There are various ways one can hide their conditioner unit.

Here are some of the ways where you can hide your air conditioner unit easily.

The one that is used more often is by putting it inside a garden structure. A garden structure can help you store your air conditioner unit easily. People have installed various kinds of designs in their gardens using this technique. You can also use planters and make a DIY planter for your air conditioner unit. These are the two landscaping options that you can use for your open-air conditioner unit that makes an ugly impact on your facade and architectural elevation. Buy best ac under 15000 for your home.

There is one other way by which you can hide your air conditioner unit using landscaping techniques. You can install the Lattice vine wall over your air conditioner unit, which profoundly impacts the environment because of the growing plant and creates an aesthetic view. These are some of the easiest ways by which you can hide your air conditioner unit if they are present on the outer garden area or are present on the exterior facade.

There are various other ways by using wood panels and pallet screens, which are easier to build, and they are cheaper than others on this list. You can take wooden panels and stick them inside the ground and paint them according to your surroundings, which creates are inexpensive facade that can help you hide your air conditioner unit.

Now you can also use a wall-mounted cabinet, which is the practical way to hide your air conditioner unit and create use of that area as well. These wall mount cabinets are safe to build, and they have various facilities that you can also install in them.

You can also use an iron crate and various wooden panels as well on your interior facade unit. Many people also use a shutter box, one of the most used ways to hide any electrical supplier or your AC unit. You can also make an attractive wall panel, which is easier to build. These wall panels have variety in them and can be created using wood, timber, or steel. You can also color them by your need and use a color palette according to your interior design.

You can also use various interior elements such as your shutter cover, which is mostly used in Greece to cover their air conditioner unit. You can also use your custom wall art to hide your air conditioner unit, which creates a sense of peace among all interior design and is also used for multi-purpose tasks. Various interior designers use interior decorative metal panels, a more comfortable and aesthetic way to cover your air conditioner.

These were the most used and innovative ways to hide your air conditioner unit. You can also make some of them on your own using household elements.


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