GTA is one of the most played games since the last decade. Over the years, this game has drawn over millions of people and fans are crazy about this gameplay. Most people want to relive the nostalgia and that is why people want to play it on their Android phones. That is why an Apk version was much required. GTA Vice City Apk will take you to the nostalgic alleys of the 1980s and people loves this. This game has earned huge popularity amongst its consumers.

Download GTA Vice City Apk

About This Game

Welcome to the 1980s. From the era of big hair and pastel suits, here comes a man’s story to become the top of a criminal pile from being just another prison fugitive. In the background of the most varied, complete, and alive digital cities, from beaches to the glitz of ghettos, the story takes place.

You enter the game as the main character named Tommy Versetti, who is very recently released from prison. Though he was arrested he has never forgotten his criminal instinct. Tommy decided that he will regain his reign. To start with the smallest steps, he decided to rob a bank as the announcement of his coming back to the city.

However, eventually, he goes bigger and robs a huge amount of money. But, unfortunately, he never succeeded to hide the money and that puts him in a trouble big time. Also, he has made several debts to the criminal mafias. Now, his friends and relatives were also involved in this matter and the situation started to become horrific. Tommy did not want to involve his friends & relatives in the matter and decided to leave everything. Tommy needs to return all the money to the place they originally belong to. Also, he needs to clear all the debts to the criminal mafias. Will he be able to do this? Well, this is where the gameplay starts. The city is a perfect set-up for the open-world gameplay. The big city has features worth exciting.

The beaches, urban zones, swamps, multiple bridges, seawards make it a perfect place to set-up an adventure. Well, it will be exciting. There will be a showdown of purchases, robberies, and fights when you play this game. The big question of returning the debts and settling the score equal is depended on the completion of the missions by you. But the main attraction of this game is that the players can continue to play the game without a target of completing any mission. Some multiple small games and missions make this game GTA Vice City one of the most exciting games to play on Android mobiles. So, what are you waiting for? Just download and experience the thrills as Tommy settles the score even.

Features of GTA Vice City:

Well, talking about the features of this game, we can say that, the list is merely endless. there are numerous numbers of features that make this game exciting and thrilling than ever before. However, we are shortlisting some of the features and going to elaborate on them to a bit extent.

Graphics Quality

There is nothing much to say about the graphics as it is beyond amazing. The graphics of this game has lured many people to play this game on their mobile device. The character presentation is cool and the lighting effects are just the cherry on the cake. You will not experience a major difference in graphics from the PC version if you run it on a compatible & quality mobile device.

Control Your Target

Ah, you might get bored if you can not buy some lethal weapon and start firing them. Don’t worry, the developers have introduced a lot of weapons in this game. You can control them easily. And targeting something or someone is flawlessly tailored. You won’t find it difficult to aim at something and shoot. Also, you don’t need to worry about recoiling your guns as guns don’t recoil in GTA Vice City.

Controlling Your Desire

Well, it is upon the gamers, that how will they like to play the game. Some of the gamers like to use both thumbs. Some of them want to put their index fingers to work. Never worry, GTA Vice City allows you to customize your controls. You can set-up the control layout as you need.

Lots of Entertaining Missions

While you are playing GTA Vice City, you will find numerous play missions. Completing those missions will carry forward your game. It is an open-world game and there will be easy, medium & tough missions that help you to reach the destiny. Also, each mission will unlock new characters and provide new features to the game. Gameplay will never be much boring for you.

Wireless Compatibility

This game is compatible with the wireless console yours. Though the online controllers are pretty responsive as they have tactile effects, you can try attaching some wireless controllers to it if you require. However, this game supports a MoGa controller so you can easily set-up a controller. Also, this game supports multiple languages, so, that won’t be a barrier soon. These are some of the features. There are numerous features in GTA Vice City. You will experience them as the game progresses.

Minimum Requirements

Most games require some specific requirements to run on your device. GTA Vice City is no different. You must need a compatible device to install and run this game. You need to check your device if it is compatible before opting to install it.

  • This game requires Android 4.0 or higher version to run.
  • There should be 1.5 GB of free space on your device.
  • You will require 1 CB RAM to support this game.

Here is GTA Vice City in a nutshell.

APK Name GTA Vice City Apk
Latest Update 10-02-2019
Version 1.09
Android Version requirement Android 4.0 or higher
App Size 7.60MB
Developers Rockstar Games

How to Install It on Your Android

Following these simple steps, you can install this game on your Android.

  1. First, go to System Settings > Security
  2. Turn on the permission for install from third-party software
  3. Download the Apk from the given link
  4. Click on the Apk to install. Don’t open it after install.
  5. Go to the download folder again. There will be a zip file. Extract it into /sdcard/Android/obb/.
  6. Make sure there remain a folder named com.rockstargames.gtavc.
  7. Restart after installing & enjoy.

Paint the City Red

If you are fond of strategy games, then GTA Vice City Apk is just your thing. This game is thrilling and entertaining such that you will fall for it. So, hurry! Download the game now!

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