How to use Manual Can Opener

Can openers be one of the most necessary equipments in a kitchen? They are easy to use and helpful while opening a can with a sturdy seal. There are two kinds of can opener, such as manual and electronic.

The primary difference between manual and electronic can opener is that one works with electricity or batteries, and you don’t need to do anything with it. Manual can openers are somehow hard to use and can be a little bit messy and forceful. Manual can openers are way cheaper as compared to electronic can openers.

So here are the steps of how to use a manual can opener easily.

Firstly you need to open the can opener’s arms and put it on the can with a proper grip.

The grip is one of the most important things while using a can opener as it is what cuts out the can. After putting the holder and the grip, you need to tighten it up.

Now you need to put the sharp blade on edge properly for cutting. Make sure that the blade is adjoining to the side of the cans because it is a dangerous step. Various kinds of materials used in a can, such as plastic or even steel and manual can openers, are somehow challenging to cut through steel because of their sharp surface.

After setting it on the can grip, you need to close the bars and press the roller. After pressing the roller, you need to slide down in a circular pathway.

After circulating it throughout, you need to twist the can in a way that it opens up. It is also one of the most dangerous steps because the remaining part can be sharp and harm your hand.

After cutting the upper portion, you need to lift the lid off and detached from the can.

Some affordable manual can openers.



Kitchenaid is a brand-related with kitchen appliances and instruments. They have a name in the market for their design and approach towards their functionality.

Kitchenaid comes with a stainless steel finish, which makes it durable. It also comes with rubber on the top. The handles on it have a circular design pattern with a rubber texture. It has a unique design, which makes it easier to use on any size of the can.

It also comes with a knob, which makes it easier to settle it on the can. It also comes with an integrated bottle opener, which can help you to open Steelcase bottles. It is one of the best can openers on this list because of its unique design. It is durable because of its high-quality materials. Kitchenaid also provides us with a 1-year hassle-free replacement.

Overall this is a good purchase at $12. It has various other designs and colors to it and comes in different sizes as well.


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Complete Guide to Cleaning the Bedroom

If you are a homeowner, then there would be a lot of things that you may think of. If you are ready to deep clean the bedroom, then there would be many better options that you can think of. Here are some of how you can clean the bedroom pretty well.

Here are some of the best ways that will help in cleaning your bedroom pretty well

  • You must first see which places are not entirely clean in your bedroom. Now, you must decide about the chores and divide the same among the family members.
  • The next thing that you must do is find out which items are brittle. If you can remove them from the bedroom, then you will be able to do the cleaning properly and thoroughly. Make sure you buy bestsheet to prevent bed sores.
  • You must first remove the bedroom liners and cushion overs. These things should be washed thoroughly and then dried.
  • You should then remove all the items and fixtures that you can and those that are portable. Now, remove dust from all the areas. You can use the vacuum cleaner, and that will help you in getting the best solutions.
  • You should clean all the surfaces and remove dust. If you have extra time, then you must also clean all the drawers from inside.
  • Now, you must wipe the surface or the ground nicely.

With all these things you will be able to have a lovely clean bedroom.

You should use safe cleaning materials.

When you are cleaning the bedroom with the cleaning materials and solutions, you will have to keep in mind a few things, and these include safety things. If you are using the safe and best quality cleaning solutions, then there will be no issues at all. You must clean the carpet and the mats too. If you need, you can hire a carpet cleaner or room cleaner for these things.

But if you have time during the weekend, then you can enjoy cleaning with your family.

Clean nooks and corners

It will give you the best options. So, be sure that you know how you can take things to the next level. Just stay sure that how you can keep the essential items in the notice. A clean bedroom can be an excellent place to spend time. You will be able to stay at peace, and that will help you in feeling great.

You should try your best to clean the bedroom entirely. If you need help, then you must ask your family members to help you. It will provide you with the best options, and that should give you the right way to grow. A good and clean bedroom can be a beautiful thing for you. So try your best to keep your room clean in every possible way.


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How to Check If Someone is Stealing your WiFi

The slowdown in the WiFi connection is not always the issue with your Internet Service provider. Even when you are getting good speed, suddenly something happens, and you start to experience slow internet speed. That’s very common for many people as this might be the case of someone stealing your WiFi. Millions of people experience a sudden slowdown in the WiFi speed as something starts leeching the internet.

Most of the time, the background services on the computer consume a lot of Internet bandwidth, slowing down the internet. In Windows and the macOS, the background services like the updates, data transfer, and even the malware consume a lot of Internet bandwidth. Not just that, the leechers, or the people who have your WiFi password will consume a lot of internet behind your backs, causing you to lose the internet speed. If you are plagued by such issues, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to share detailed information on the ways you can check if someone is stealing your WiFi. By following the mentioned methods, you’ll be able to understand who is stealing your WiFi and fix the internet speed issues.

Knowing Who’s Stealing My WiFi

To understand who is stealing your WiFi, you should check the number of connected devices to the Router. Every router keeps track of the Mac address of the connected devices along with the name. In this first method, we will check if unknown devices are connected to your WiFi router and steal the internet behind your back.

Method #1 – Check Router Dashboard

Checking the Router dashboard will help you get an idea of the connected devices. Here are the exact steps to check if there are any third-party and unauthorized devices connected to your WiFi network.

  1. First of all, open the Browser and open the Router Dashboard Login link. Usually, the default Login Address is “ “ or any other variation. You can find the login address on the backside of the router.
  2. Now, enter the username and password combination to log in to the Dashboard. Just like the Router Dashboard Address, the password is written on the backside.
  3. It’s time to search for the “Connected Devices” list. Every router has a bit of a different Dashboard look. So, you have to find your way to the list.
  4. In the list of the Connected devices, you’ll see all of the devices with the name and MAC address. Find out the Unauthorized device, and Block the MAC address.
  5. Also, you can change the Router password for increased safety. In this way, you can restrict the Unauthorized users who have hacked or gained the password of your WiFi network from accessing the internet.
  6. After doing that, run the Internet Speed Test to see if the Internet Speed has restored to normal or not.

#2 – Use WiFi Monitoring Software Programs

There are a lot of useful WiFi Monitoring Software programs in India, which work perfectly fine for monitoring WiFi usage. The software programs like GlassWire monitor the WiFi network and show detailed statistics. With the inbuilt features, you can easily identify the unauthorized user and block the user.

Not just the connected devices, but such software programs can easily identify the Background services consuming the Internet Bandwidth. With such programs, you can easily control your WiFi network and prevent any issues like Someone Stealing your WiFi.

You can also use modern advanced multi-purpose routers aka extenders aka boosters like RangeXTD device, as they have WiFi monitoring software built in.

How to Prevent People from Stealing Your WiFi?

With smartphone apps and hacking tools, anyone can hack into the WiFi network with ease. That’s why you should take strict actions and increase the security to prevent such people from stealing your WiFi and Internet bandwidth. Here are the common ways you can do the same.

#1 – Use Strong Passwords

Using the default passwords is the biggest mistake many people make. With the simple to guess passwords, people become vulnerable to such issues. That’s why it’s essential to use strong passwords. Better to use strong passphrases, which only you can guess. Also, you can use the Strong password suggestion tools. Just make sure to use the Uppercase letters, Numbers, and Symbols in the password to make it stronger.

#2 – Turn OFF WPS Feature

WPS, or the WiFi Protected Setup, is a convenient feature, which allows the users to connect to the network even when the Encryption is ON. Many of the third-party WiFi hacking apps use this feature to infiltrate into the nearby network. If you turn ON this feature, then your WiFi router is vulnerable to such attacks and the leeching. That’s why you should turn OFF the WPS feature to stay on the safer side.

You can turn OFF the WPS from the router dashboard. Every router has a different user interface, but it usually lies in the “Wireless Setting” page of the router dashboard.

Final Words

We’ve been plagued by the WiFi Stealing issue multiple times. Due to the close vicinity of the WiFi networks and the availability of hacking apps, many people can easily infiltrate the WiFi network and steal the internet. Well, not just the people, but the Windows and macOS background services can consume a lot of data in the background, which causes a severe Internet speed decrease. We can easily kill the background services through the Task Manager, but finding and blocking the people is a challenging task.

In this post, we’ve shared multiple methods to fix this issue and prevent people from stealing your internet through Wireless Network. I hope you’ve learned how to check if someone is stealing my WiFi. Now, all you have to do is to follow the mentioned methods and get rid of the leechers and enjoy the high-speed internet without any interruptions.…

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Anatomy of a 3D Printer: How Does a 3D Printer Work?

3D printers have gained popularity due to their functionality of printing 3D elements. They are costly, but the work is efficient. A 3D printer has a various electronic and mechanical portion that comprises and makes a 3D printer. It comes in with different elements, but one of the most important ones is fused filament fabrication and fused deposition modelling, a technical term for the whole mechanism.

Now the mechanical components include a print bed.

The print bed is a surface available on a 3D printer that allows you to consist of various objects and your design elements. This print bad has a different kind of stuff that contains heat and bears the heat. Then the 3D printer includes two types of beds. Non-heated and heated beds have other mechanisms and pricing as well, and the surface is made from various ranges of elements and components. You can also check best duplex printers.

You should also know about bed surfaces. These surfaces are specially built for 3D printers that contain PEI film and can resist all heat and friction elements.

The next thing that a 3D printer includes is a bed leveling machine. This machine makes sure that your 3D printer has a level surface and doesn’t get any even printed material. This leveling machine is needed for maintaining the proper proportions of your required product. The next thing in a 3D printer is its filament, which is a required part of a printer because it connects all the electronic items.

This filament has different sizes, and 3D printers are used for kinds of measures, which include 1.75 mm and 3mm. The next thing in a 3D printer is a Hobbed Gear, a machine that enables the ray to print the whole structure. There are different kinds of gears available according to your machine model and its requirements. The next thing is a heater cartridge, which enables the plastic to heat, and it produces high energy and heat. The device also contains a thermostat and RTD sensor, which determines the temperature.

It also has a nozzle, which is a small piece of an element that helps us replace the clogging, which is common when we see a 3D printer. The next thing is a layer cooling fan, which is one of the most important things because if this doesn’t work, then your 3D printer will stay hot for an extended amount of time. If your 3d printer remains hot for a vast amount of time, it might ruin its quality, and it might cost you a lot.

We also have a stepper motor, a group of engines that have a DC mechanism in them, and there are 200 increments and steps that these motors take. You also have a frame and enclosure that is used for safety. The structure is used to hold everything together. These were some elements of a 3D printer.

A 3D printer contains all these elements and then works efficiently by connecting it with your required software and giving it the usual commands. It will automatically be built the whole structure.


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