5 Very Effective tips to Reduce Dust at Home

You must have witnessed those people who have a deep feeling for cleanliness. They are the ones who want everything around them clean. The bed, on which they sleep, the plates in which they eat, their cupboard, clothes and even the floor on which they walk. Well, having love towards cleanliness is not a bad habit in anyway. In fact it is a very good thing which may help you in numerous ways which you are not even aware of.

Finding dust in your home or workstation is not any fun or hard thing. You can find these micro-particles lurking around anywhere and everywhere. You may not believe but these dust particles you avoid cleaning can be reasons of major health problems. Yes I am true!


The most annoying fact is that even though you clean the dust particles, it keeps coming back. Dust particles are mainly composed of dead skin cells, plant pollen and the chemically harmful fiber particles of your clothes, clothes and all those stuffs. These particles can be a major reason for causing asthma and various allergic reactions.


It cannot be denied that we cannot completely get rid of the dust particles, but we can maintain a safe distance from these. Installing an air purifier can be an effective solution in removing dust particles but there is no harm in having some knowledge about the origin of dust particles and how they can be prevented from creating diseases.

Dangerous Consequences of dust Particles

The dust particles may not seen with clear eye and may seem harmless at first sight, but the fact is that these are harmful for the respiratory system and lungs of human body, as they cause asthma and various inter-body allergies. Some harmful consequences of dust particles are –

The basic harm caused by the dust particles are asthma and allergies. The intensity of the allergies depends upon the amount of dust inhaled. If these are inhaled deeply, the harm can be chronic. Another factor is the length of exposure to the dust particles. But the main factor to be noticed is the pathway of inhalation. If the dusty air is inhaled by nose, it will start its effect from the nose to the lungs and if it is done by mouth, then your food pipe along with the respiration pipe is in danger.


Coming to the chronic disease caused by the dust particles, it is called the dusty lung or pneumoconiosis. This is mainly caused in farmers or the workers who work in areas having dry soil. The result of this may be the production of scar tissue inside the body and for more danger; these particles may dissolve in the bloodstream causing toxicity which can spread in the key parts of the body such as kidney and brain.

So how can you reduce the damage that can be caused by the dust particles? Here are five ways in which you can maintain a safe distance from the dusty allergies –

Clean Your Bed and Cupboard once in Three Days


The first step starts from the place where you start and end your day, i.e. your bed. The unfavorable dust mites like to produce families in the bed sheets, pillows and mattresses you use daily. So be aware to keep these things tidy and clean so as not to make a place for these mites to dwell. You can also go for allergen-proof covers for pillows and mattresses which will very well protect the items.

Your cupboard is the best place for dust to settle down. The fiber particles shredded by your clothes and socks can make you sneeze in a blast of dust bomb when you open your closet. So, you need to clean these places once a week. For best results, you can store your clothes in plastic bags or boxes.

Use Fabric Softeners

Electronic items like TVs, computers and refrigerators and wooden and glass items are one of the biggest places where dust accumulates. TVs and computers are positively charge items and these attract the negatively charged dust particles to settle down on them. Using dryer softened sheets and covers can help in reducing the static cling and the magnetic attraction. Liquid fabric softeners can also be a great option if you are not in for the dryer covers. Use the fabric cleaner for cleaning the wooden and glass doors and tables.

Banish Shoes and Clean the Dirt at Door


Studies and researches show that 70% of the dust particles found inside the houses come from outside. Whenever we go out of the house, our feet come in contact with the animal dander, plant pollen etc. which are the main components of dust particles. So these stick to our shoes or our feet and enter our house. So policy number one will be keeping doormats on the front door. Teach your family members to clean their feet before entering the house. Advise your guests the same. And keep the shoes outside your house.

Install Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are an effective method to keep dust particles out of your house. Air purifiers are designed to clean the dust particles out of the room automatically. The sensors present inside the machines automatically sense the presence of dust inside the rooms and clean the air.

Avoid Carpeting


The carpeted floors may seem to be gorgeous and may give your house a premium look, but the fact can’t be denied that these mats are the hotspot of dust particles. You mostly rub your dusted feet on these carpets and the spaces in these carpets accumulate the particles. So, these carpets must be cleaned regularly. If these are small in size, then these should be dusted well outside the house so as to prevent the particles from depositing inside the house.

And if the carpets are bigger in size, then vacuum cleaners with double layered micro-filter bags must be preferred. These double layered bags prevent dust particles from escaping and do not let them deposit on the floors.…

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5 ways on how to Think like a Millionaire

Let me start by asking you a question. On what basis do you judge the people you see around you? On the basis of their looks? Or is it their behavior? Or is it their way of talking? Let me answer this question for you. To be frank, it is their economical status on the basis of which most people judge each other.

In older days, the society was divides into two communities – The Royal people and the common ones. Yeah, time has changed and this division no more exists. But this has evolved to become the Rich people and the Poor ones. Anyway or the other, people are distinguished by the amount of money they have.


But it will not be false to say that rich people are somewhat smarter than poor ones. Am I right? So, now the question is, how can we think like rich people? You may be poor or rich, but having the mindset like a rich person can make you successful!

Here are five ways on how you can think like a rich person –

Make Yourself Worthy


Most rich people think themselves worthy of being rich. Do not get the idea? Okay. Think of a lower class or middle class person. What is money and luxury for him? Money and luxuries of life are not less than a dream for poor people.

They think that money is their necessity, a necessity which can make their lives easier. Money for them is something which can buy them good food, nice clothing, a warm bed to sleep and all those. But in case of rich people, money is their right. They think that being rich is their right, and they ought to have that.

So think that you are worthy enough to be rich. Have the mindset that being rich is your right and you will surely find yourself fighting for that right of yours.

Dare to Take Risks


It is truly said that rich people have not got all the money overnight. Take the example of Mukesh Ambani of India. He had to go through a lot of problems to become the successful man he is today. To be clear, he had to take risks in his life to achieve the success he has today.

One more such example is Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. When your father was a child, did he know anything about Apple I-Phones? No. Steve Jobs had to take a lot of risks to make Apple a leading technical brand today.

The theme of these examples is that never ever back off while facing a risk. If you want to be successful in life, learn to take risks. It’s true that you will not succeed in everything, but all your failures will motivate you to go farther.

Be Fearless


Being fearless is a trait which I think everyone should have. Not only rich people but poorer ones should be fearless as well.

Coming to this part, we know that almost every person fears and hates the job he/she does. There are a few who love what they do and are passionate about it. But rich people are not the same. It is true that they also have the same fears as the others, but they don’t let this fear take over them. Like others, they also fear the consequences of the work they would do, but they never fear to take risks and hence are successful.

When you are into some new work, having a felling about the result will never help. It will de-motivate you and you will not dare to do it. So never go for consequences and do the work with guts. You may fail several times but finally you will get success. Be fearless and don’t let your fear take over you.

Maintain a Proper Relationship


Talking about relationships, here I am not talking about the relationship you have or want to have with your family and friends. The common mentality of us people is that our competitors are our sole enemies.

Whenever we face any competitor in the field we are working, we try to overcome them and if we are not able to do it, we accept them as our enemies. And this leaves us with no one to rely upon when we are in any difficulty.

Coming to rich people, they too have competitors in their field, may be a lot more than the poor ones. For establishing themselves as prominent ones, they also fight and compete. But the thing they do differently is that when they lose, they do not aim on revenge.

Most of the successful people try to focus on the reasons which failed them and then work on improvement. It is truly said that “Your success in a field doesn’t depend on what you know about it, but how many others you know in it”. It simply means that rich people make their competitors their companions and when they work together become successful.

Invest Wisely


What do you think where do rich people bring so much money from? If you think that they generate immense wealth from just one business, then you are completely wrong.

Do you think Mukesh Ambani has so much economy by just selling Jio SIM cards? No. Rich people have a clear idea about assets and liabilities. Asset is something which makes you profit and a liability degrades your wealth. It’s also extremely important to invest your money wisely & not to fall for any ponzi scheme like Bitcoin Aussie System.

Coming to some common situations, when middle class people get any bonus in their own field of work, they just spend it. They go for new TV sets or refrigerators or car etc. And these are liabilities because these are wastage of money. Imagine your monthly income is Rs.10K and your house rent is Rs.8K, then it is a liability. When rich people get any profit, they use it in buying shares or invest in stock market or invest it in some way which can make them more money. And that is the reason why rich get richer day by day!

So never overspend and try to use even a little amount of money you get in some profitable work.…

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Top 4 Remote Controlled Butt Plugs Perfect for Long Distance Couples

Relationship is something which makes us aware of the proximities of life. Relationships make us known to our responsibilities and values. The more we value a relation, the more we get close to it and fell about it.

Such is a relation named Love. I do not think there is anyone of you who does not know what love is! You may not have it, but you know about it, right? Love is a mutual understanding between two opposite sexes which binds them in a single bond and makes them feel for each other. And whenever we talk about love, we should know about its complications as well. Not all people living close to each other can love. Even two humans living far apart can have this mutual understanding in them.


This is called as Long Distance Relationship, where two lovers live far from each other’s reach. The biggest problem in the long distance relationship is that the two mates never get the time to spend with each other. And this also includes the quality time, i.e. sexual intercourse. This makes them frustrated.

But with the advancement of technology, solutions have come up for these people. And the biggest solution is Butt Plug, which is technically called Teledildonic.

Here are some butt plugs really worth buying for those who are in long distant relationships –

Max2 and Nora by Lovense


Have you ever seen those Sci-Fi films where people contact with each other through real time holograms? Well, these are no more virtual things. Lovense is one of the best companies when it comes to sex toys for long distance couples, and the recent launch is the Max 2 and Nora.

What is special in them? The Max (for him) and Nora (for her) have been designed after several years of research and tests. These are two remotely controlled toys which are ably controlled through smart phone or computer app called “Lovense Remote”.

These are the physical form of video calls or Skype chats. These get paired you’re your smart phone or computer once you connect them, and only thing you need to get started is an active internet connection. If you have done all these, then be ready for a smooth session!

These have very quick response timing and the moves and audios can be recorded and played anytime (for those who can’t connect most often!). The application allows you to control your own toy or your partner’s toy via your smart phone or computer as well!

Kiiroo Onyx 2 and Pearl 2


Kiiroo is another awesome choice if you are not going in for Lovense because of its price. In fact, this company surpasses Lovense in the design and the fineness they provide in their teledildonic products.

Similar to the Lovense toys, the Kiiroo toys are connected through an application named FeelConnect, via Bluetooth and have the ability to mimic the intercourse of the users in real time.

The Kiiroo products have the special ability to give the users the real feeling they want. These are designed over years to lessen the gap between two lovers as they have the software to exchange the touch and feel however far the users are. These differ from the Lovense toys in their ability of touch response.

To describe clearly, when the Pearl 2 (for female) is inserted, it signals the touch sensors for movement in the Onyx 2 (for male) which gives the feel of sex in real time. Is not it great? You can feel the intimate touch of your partner any time at anyplace!

Lush 2 by Lovense


Presenting before you Lovense’s one of the most successful creation, which collected over 100,000$, the Lush 2. Where the Lush was not that successful in impressing couples, its second version was mega-successful! Not to forget the Lush 2 is a vibrator!

It is a powerful and impressive vibrator connected by Bluetooth and can be controlled by either your partner or by you (if you really want!) through the Lovense app in your smart phone or computer. All you need is an internet connection and some feelings!

What makes the Lush 2 different and better from others is its smart design and powerful vibrations. The specialty of this vibrator is that it has a curve that will directly hit your feel spot and will generate powerful vibrations to take you to the cloud nine!

It is wireless, small, silent and the most entertaining fact is that the vibrations can be synchronized with the music you love to play! Depending on the vibrations of the music, the stimulated vibrations will generate in several synchronized patterns, and all these features make it an ideal companion for all ladies in Long Distance Relations!



We have talked a lot about hi-tech sex toys, and much about Lovense. So now let us come on something different. Here the different is Vibease, a vibrator for women.

It connects to the iOS or android by Bluetooth and can be controlled by the Vibease app. It is a small egg shaped toy which will satisfy the women but will be controlled by their men! It can work at any distance and any situation but you need to have an internet connection, which may be Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/5G and the app.

And it can also be used when you are alone. You can use the synchronizing beats and vibrations of music and the vibrations will be generated in the rhythm of your favorite song. It can be used hands-free, so you can do multiple jobs like texting or video calling while using it.

Through the Vibease app, you can record your sessions or your partner’s voice and can play them later for more feel! So all you need to do is to wear the vibrator in your undergarments (no need to use your fingers now!), play some music and start playing some music and start the toy! You will feel the real time sex in your sweet spot with an ease!…

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