Complete Guide to Cleaning the Bedroom

If you are a homeowner, then there would be a lot of things that you may think of. If you are ready to deep clean the bedroom, then there would be many better options that you can think of. Here are some of how you can clean the bedroom pretty well.

Here are some of the best ways that will help in cleaning your bedroom pretty well

  • You must first see which places are not entirely clean in your bedroom. Now, you must decide about the chores and divide the same among the family members.
  • The next thing that you must do is find out which items are brittle. If you can remove them from the bedroom, then you will be able to do the cleaning properly and thoroughly. Make sure you buy bestsheet to prevent bed sores.
  • You must first remove the bedroom liners and cushion overs. These things should be washed thoroughly and then dried.
  • You should then remove all the items and fixtures that you can and those that are portable. Now, remove dust from all the areas. You can use the vacuum cleaner, and that will help you in getting the best solutions.
  • You should clean all the surfaces and remove dust. If you have extra time, then you must also clean all the drawers from inside.
  • Now, you must wipe the surface or the ground nicely.

With all these things you will be able to have a lovely clean bedroom.

You should use safe cleaning materials.

When you are cleaning the bedroom with the cleaning materials and solutions, you will have to keep in mind a few things, and these include safety things. If you are using the safe and best quality cleaning solutions, then there will be no issues at all. You must clean the carpet and the mats too. If you need, you can hire a carpet cleaner or room cleaner for these things.

But if you have time during the weekend, then you can enjoy cleaning with your family.

Clean nooks and corners

It will give you the best options. So, be sure that you know how you can take things to the next level. Just stay sure that how you can keep the essential items in the notice. A clean bedroom can be an excellent place to spend time. You will be able to stay at peace, and that will help you in feeling great.

You should try your best to clean the bedroom entirely. If you need help, then you must ask your family members to help you. It will provide you with the best options, and that should give you the right way to grow. A good and clean bedroom can be a beautiful thing for you. So try your best to keep your room clean in every possible way.


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How to Check If Someone is Stealing your WiFi

The slowdown in the WiFi connection is not always the issue with your Internet Service provider. Even when you are getting good speed, suddenly something happens, and you start to experience slow internet speed. That’s very common for many people as this might be the case of someone stealing your WiFi. Millions of people experience a sudden slowdown in the WiFi speed as something starts leeching the internet.

Most of the time, the background services on the computer consume a lot of Internet bandwidth, slowing down the internet. In Windows and the macOS, the background services like the updates, data transfer, and even the malware consume a lot of Internet bandwidth. Not just that, the leechers, or the people who have your WiFi password will consume a lot of internet behind your backs, causing you to lose the internet speed. If you are plagued by such issues, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to share detailed information on the ways you can check if someone is stealing your WiFi. By following the mentioned methods, you’ll be able to understand who is stealing your WiFi and fix the internet speed issues.

Knowing Who’s Stealing My WiFi

To understand who is stealing your WiFi, you should check the number of connected devices to the Router. Every router keeps track of the Mac address of the connected devices along with the name. In this first method, we will check if unknown devices are connected to your WiFi router and steal the internet behind your back.

Method #1 – Check Router Dashboard

Checking the Router dashboard will help you get an idea of the connected devices. Here are the exact steps to check if there are any third-party and unauthorized devices connected to your WiFi network.

  1. First of all, open the Browser and open the Router Dashboard Login link. Usually, the default Login Address is “ “ or any other variation. You can find the login address on the backside of the router.
  2. Now, enter the username and password combination to log in to the Dashboard. Just like the Router Dashboard Address, the password is written on the backside.
  3. It’s time to search for the “Connected Devices” list. Every router has a bit of a different Dashboard look. So, you have to find your way to the list.
  4. In the list of the Connected devices, you’ll see all of the devices with the name and MAC address. Find out the Unauthorized device, and Block the MAC address.
  5. Also, you can change the Router password for increased safety. In this way, you can restrict the Unauthorized users who have hacked or gained the password of your WiFi network from accessing the internet.
  6. After doing that, run the Internet Speed Test to see if the Internet Speed has restored to normal or not.

#2 – Use WiFi Monitoring Software Programs

There are a lot of useful WiFi Monitoring Software programs in India, which work perfectly fine for monitoring WiFi usage. The software programs like GlassWire monitor the WiFi network and show detailed statistics. With the inbuilt features, you can easily identify the unauthorized user and block the user.

Not just the connected devices, but such software programs can easily identify the Background services consuming the Internet Bandwidth. With such programs, you can easily control your WiFi network and prevent any issues like Someone Stealing your WiFi.

You can also use modern advanced multi-purpose routers aka extenders aka boosters like RangeXTD device, as they have WiFi monitoring software built in.

How to Prevent People from Stealing Your WiFi?

With smartphone apps and hacking tools, anyone can hack into the WiFi network with ease. That’s why you should take strict actions and increase the security to prevent such people from stealing your WiFi and Internet bandwidth. Here are the common ways you can do the same.

#1 – Use Strong Passwords

Using the default passwords is the biggest mistake many people make. With the simple to guess passwords, people become vulnerable to such issues. That’s why it’s essential to use strong passwords. Better to use strong passphrases, which only you can guess. Also, you can use the Strong password suggestion tools. Just make sure to use the Uppercase letters, Numbers, and Symbols in the password to make it stronger.

#2 – Turn OFF WPS Feature

WPS, or the WiFi Protected Setup, is a convenient feature, which allows the users to connect to the network even when the Encryption is ON. Many of the third-party WiFi hacking apps use this feature to infiltrate into the nearby network. If you turn ON this feature, then your WiFi router is vulnerable to such attacks and the leeching. That’s why you should turn OFF the WPS feature to stay on the safer side.

You can turn OFF the WPS from the router dashboard. Every router has a different user interface, but it usually lies in the “Wireless Setting” page of the router dashboard.

Final Words

We’ve been plagued by the WiFi Stealing issue multiple times. Due to the close vicinity of the WiFi networks and the availability of hacking apps, many people can easily infiltrate the WiFi network and steal the internet. Well, not just the people, but the Windows and macOS background services can consume a lot of data in the background, which causes a severe Internet speed decrease. We can easily kill the background services through the Task Manager, but finding and blocking the people is a challenging task.

In this post, we’ve shared multiple methods to fix this issue and prevent people from stealing your internet through Wireless Network. I hope you’ve learned how to check if someone is stealing my WiFi. Now, all you have to do is to follow the mentioned methods and get rid of the leechers and enjoy the high-speed internet without any interruptions.…

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How to Hide an Air Conditioner Unit

Air condition vents are called ugly in architectural terms because they ruin your whole facade and elevation views. There are various ways one can hide their conditioner unit.

Here are some of the ways where you can hide your air conditioner unit easily.

The one that is used more often is by putting it inside a garden structure. A garden structure can help you store your air conditioner unit easily. People have installed various kinds of designs in their gardens using this technique. You can also use planters and make a DIY planter for your air conditioner unit. These are the two landscaping options that you can use for your open-air conditioner unit that makes an ugly impact on your facade and architectural elevation. Buy best ac under 15000 for your home.

There is one other way by which you can hide your air conditioner unit using landscaping techniques. You can install the Lattice vine wall over your air conditioner unit, which profoundly impacts the environment because of the growing plant and creates an aesthetic view. These are some of the easiest ways by which you can hide your air conditioner unit if they are present on the outer garden area or are present on the exterior facade.

There are various other ways by using wood panels and pallet screens, which are easier to build, and they are cheaper than others on this list. You can take wooden panels and stick them inside the ground and paint them according to your surroundings, which creates are inexpensive facade that can help you hide your air conditioner unit.

Now you can also use a wall-mounted cabinet, which is the practical way to hide your air conditioner unit and create use of that area as well. These wall mount cabinets are safe to build, and they have various facilities that you can also install in them.

You can also use an iron crate and various wooden panels as well on your interior facade unit. Many people also use a shutter box, one of the most used ways to hide any electrical supplier or your AC unit. You can also make an attractive wall panel, which is easier to build. These wall panels have variety in them and can be created using wood, timber, or steel. You can also color them by your need and use a color palette according to your interior design.

You can also use various interior elements such as your shutter cover, which is mostly used in Greece to cover their air conditioner unit. You can also use your custom wall art to hide your air conditioner unit, which creates a sense of peace among all interior design and is also used for multi-purpose tasks. Various interior designers use interior decorative metal panels, a more comfortable and aesthetic way to cover your air conditioner.

These were the most used and innovative ways to hide your air conditioner unit. You can also make some of them on your own using household elements.


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5 Very Effective tips to Reduce Dust at Home

You must have witnessed those people who have a deep feeling for cleanliness. They are the ones who want everything around them clean. The bed, on which they sleep, the plates in which they eat, their cupboard, clothes and even the floor on which they walk. Well, having love towards cleanliness is not a bad habit in anyway. In fact it is a very good thing which may help you in numerous ways which you are not even aware of.

Finding dust in your home or workstation is not any fun or hard thing. You can find these micro-particles lurking around anywhere and everywhere. You may not believe but these dust particles you avoid cleaning can be reasons of major health problems. Yes I am true!


The most annoying fact is that even though you clean the dust particles, it keeps coming back. Dust particles are mainly composed of dead skin cells, plant pollen and the chemically harmful fiber particles of your clothes, clothes and all those stuffs. These particles can be a major reason for causing asthma and various allergic reactions.


It cannot be denied that we cannot completely get rid of the dust particles, but we can maintain a safe distance from these. Installing an air purifier can be an effective solution in removing dust particles but there is no harm in having some knowledge about the origin of dust particles and how they can be prevented from creating diseases.

Dangerous Consequences of dust Particles

The dust particles may not seen with clear eye and may seem harmless at first sight, but the fact is that these are harmful for the respiratory system and lungs of human body, as they cause asthma and various inter-body allergies. Some harmful consequences of dust particles are –

The basic harm caused by the dust particles are asthma and allergies. The intensity of the allergies depends upon the amount of dust inhaled. If these are inhaled deeply, the harm can be chronic. Another factor is the length of exposure to the dust particles. But the main factor to be noticed is the pathway of inhalation. If the dusty air is inhaled by nose, it will start its effect from the nose to the lungs and if it is done by mouth, then your food pipe along with the respiration pipe is in danger.


Coming to the chronic disease caused by the dust particles, it is called the dusty lung or pneumoconiosis. This is mainly caused in farmers or the workers who work in areas having dry soil. The result of this may be the production of scar tissue inside the body and for more danger; these particles may dissolve in the bloodstream causing toxicity which can spread in the key parts of the body such as kidney and brain.

So how can you reduce the damage that can be caused by the dust particles? Here are five ways in which you can maintain a safe distance from the dusty allergies –

Clean Your Bed and Cupboard once in Three Days


The first step starts from the place where you start and end your day, i.e. your bed. The unfavorable dust mites like to produce families in the bed sheets, pillows and mattresses you use daily. So be aware to keep these things tidy and clean so as not to make a place for these mites to dwell. You can also go for allergen-proof covers for pillows and mattresses which will very well protect the items.

Your cupboard is the best place for dust to settle down. The fiber particles shredded by your clothes and socks can make you sneeze in a blast of dust bomb when you open your closet. So, you need to clean these places once a week. For best results, you can store your clothes in plastic bags or boxes.

Use Fabric Softeners

Electronic items like TVs, computers and refrigerators and wooden and glass items are one of the biggest places where dust accumulates. TVs and computers are positively charge items and these attract the negatively charged dust particles to settle down on them. Using dryer softened sheets and covers can help in reducing the static cling and the magnetic attraction. Liquid fabric softeners can also be a great option if you are not in for the dryer covers. Use the fabric cleaner for cleaning the wooden and glass doors and tables.

Banish Shoes and Clean the Dirt at Door


Studies and researches show that 70% of the dust particles found inside the houses come from outside. Whenever we go out of the house, our feet come in contact with the animal dander, plant pollen etc. which are the main components of dust particles. So these stick to our shoes or our feet and enter our house. So policy number one will be keeping doormats on the front door. Teach your family members to clean their feet before entering the house. Advise your guests the same. And keep the shoes outside your house.

Install Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are an effective method to keep dust particles out of your house. Air purifiers are designed to clean the dust particles out of the room automatically. The sensors present inside the machines automatically sense the presence of dust inside the rooms and clean the air.

Avoid Carpeting


The carpeted floors may seem to be gorgeous and may give your house a premium look, but the fact can’t be denied that these mats are the hotspot of dust particles. You mostly rub your dusted feet on these carpets and the spaces in these carpets accumulate the particles. So, these carpets must be cleaned regularly. If these are small in size, then these should be dusted well outside the house so as to prevent the particles from depositing inside the house.

And if the carpets are bigger in size, then vacuum cleaners with double layered micro-filter bags must be preferred. These double layered bags prevent dust particles from escaping and do not let them deposit on the floors.…

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