It will not be wrong to say that we all are running after money these days. We have forgotten every other thing just because of our motive to earn money. Whatever may be the reason, but it is a fact that each and every physical thing that we see around us is the gift of money.


It will be wrong to say that we can earn money by doing jobs only. When we have advanced so much in this society, simple notions like these are proved wrong every day. Now-a-days, anybody can have a decent income just by sitting at home as well. Many jobs have been created which give decent money when done sitting at home. Many companies have come up with jobs which hire people and these jobs have been named as Work from Home jobs.

There are many such jobs, like writing, typing, data entry etc. And all these works have one thing in common – they are typing-based. People need to sit in front of their computers or laptops or even smart phones and type words and make a decent income out of it. These are easy and simple jobs.

Here are a few jobs where you can income money by just typing for 2-3 hours a day –

E-Book Writing


We all must be if not big then just fans of reading books. We always have even a small story book besides us when we go to bed, right? And now when we have so much advancement in technology, these paper form books have been made digital, with the name E-Books.

E-Books have been a source of great income for writers. If you have the talent to sum up your basic ideas in form of catchy words, you can be sure to have a nice income. E-Books can be a collection of just daily works, or cooking ideas, or your opinion on any social issue. And boom! You have started your income!

Work from Home Internships


There are many companies which provide jobs, or rather internships to aspiring people who can work from their home. These can be teaching, or article writing, or C++ and Java transcription or Power Point preparation and many more.

All you need are a computer or smart phone with an active internet connection and you are good to go. You have to apply for these internships online and if you are suitable, then they will evaluate you and you can get selected. You need to work as per your stipulation and will get payment as per your choice. The best thing is that these are legit and original, and the payment is safe as well! There are various websites which provide these kinds of internships. These are –

  • Internshala – Internshala is the best application or site which can provide you internships to work from home. You can download the application in your smart phone or computer. Then you can fill up your details and start applying for internships. If you get selected, you can start working and you can choose your own payment method, which are safe and secure.
  • Freelancer – Freelancer is another app which specializes in much stuff, out of which one is writing internships. As similar to Internshala, you need to fill up your details and apply for the internships of your choice. You will be evaluated and if you are found suitable, you will be hired. It also offers various internships based on various talents and activities. But if you ask for my opinion, then you can go for Internshala as it provides far more choices than Freelancer and is easy to operate, and is ad-free!

Online Blogging


Online blogging is a great way of incoming money by sitting at home. Blogging basically means creating a blog or simply an online page where you will note down all your ideas and all the happenings going in your life. Blogs can be created with the ideas you have in your mind about something or by any creative stuff going on in your mind. Blogs can be the description of any trip you have had in recent times, with some pictures included, or can be your suggestions on any matter or any tourist place.

You can also write a blog about the plans you have for your future, or plans that can be suitable for people, or about cooking etc. If you look into it, blogs can be the collection of words about anything. Blogs are exactly E-Books but are published as articles in your logging page. And you can monetize your blogging page. You can income on the basis of the likes and shares you get on your articles. One of such websites for blogging is WordPress.

Answering questions online


It may seem surprising but you can make an income just by answering the questions asked by people on various online websites. There are various companies which hire writers who are capable of answering questions asked by people. These questions can be based on History, Mathematics, Science and all studying subjects, or can be on General Knowledge or can be your opinion on any issue or can also be your suggestions and reviews on any gadget or products.

Questions are asked in some renowned websites like Quora and Pinterest. And you can find such jobs on Internshala or Freelancer.

Blog and Question translation


You can make money by just translating various blogs and question papers too! Surprising right? Do not be. It is because there are various companies which hire professional translators for doing the translation jobs. All you need to do is to sit in front of your computer and translate the given stuff. It can be the translation from any language to any other language.

But be sure to apply for those jobs in which you are aware about the languages. You can apply for these jobs on Internshala, Freelancer, Indeed etc. And you will start incoming money by doing these simple translations!

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