Poker Paddle

Where:  Tennessee River

When:  September 30 10:00am - 5:00pm

Cost:  Free for Wild Trails Members

This fun day on the river plays right into the spirit of all gamblers.  Paddle your way to fun prizes by collecting tokens then swap them for the best poker hand you can get!  It's fun, it's casual and it's all Wild Trails.

Course:  This is a 25ish mile out and back course with five dealer stops about six miles apart. There will have a watercraft  located at each dealer stop.

Rules:  You must make the five stops to be in the game. At each stop you will be given one of five unique tokens that represents one card. Once back to the start and you hand over your five tokens, you get five random playing cards. The best three poker hands wins something cool!

Drop Bags:  You will be allowed one drop bag per stop. Items to think about for each of your stops: beverages (we will keep cold), snacks, electrolytes, sunscreen, clothes. We will supply cold water.

Entry Fee:  Free for all Wild Trails members. for membership info.

Start/Finish:  The start/finish is at this cool, usually quiet beach. It is 14.8 miles (24 min) from the Aquarium. Click HERE for the key links.